“For me this is more than just a clock. 10 years ago, when I moved here to Zurich for my studies, I got off the train that morning and this huge station clock was the very first thing I saw. It felt like it was saying ‘It is 7:25am and your new life starts right here right now’… Due to my job I come by here every day and after all these years the clock still makes me smile, because it makes remember how right it was on that day so long ago!”

Surprise trip to…

“It was planned as a surprise for her, so I woke my girlfriend up one early morning without warning and told her that we were going on a weekend trip. When we arrived at the airport she naturally became very curious but she remained strong and didn’t check any of the monitors. We boarded, the aircraft took off and she still didn’t know the destination of our trip. But when the pilot finally welcomed everyone on the ‘our flight to Venice’ she immediately broke down in tears of joy.”

His assistant for 52 years

“I was 18 and had just finished school when he hired me as his assistant. The firm was newly established and I was his very first employee. Today there are more than 1500 employees in more than 40 countries working for the company. He’s in his 80’s now and has withdrawn himself from the business but he still accepts a few selected appointments each week. And I? I’m still his assistant, for over 52 years now.”

I’m a fairy godmother

“I’m a fairy godmother. I work for a foundation that makes the wishes of sick children come true; be it a helicopter flight, a meet and greet with a star or to go up and down in a lift in a skyscraper for hours… It is wonderful that it is so natural for companies and even some Hollywood stars to support our work. But truly the most rewarding moment is to see the look on a child’s face when it’s biggest dream comes true.”

My break of dawn

“That moment at the break of dawn when the forest slowly wakes up from it’s sleep is by far the most beautiful one. Very often there are deers and foxes still around me. It’s such a special feeling in the forest around this time. In fact I moved to the city years ago, but during early summer I still get up at 5 am at the weekends, to collect mushrooms and to capture this moment.”

Reunited after 18 years

“When I was 14 I had such a fierce argument with my father that we did not speak a single word with each other for the following 18 years. Only when my two children started schooling and asked me about their grandpa, did I re-establish contact with him. Even if it’s only two visits per year at the moment, it is surely a step in the right direction. Especially because my little ones finally have a grandpa.”

The overall objective

“Last year we rode our mountain bikes along the 2000 km Swiss border as meticulously as possible . We had planned our route in detail and even looked up the off-road bits on Google Earth beforehand. Still there were some areas in the mountains where we had to push our bicycles. Our tour even taught me something for my job: Setting realistic goals for each stage and then achieving those is very motivating for the overall objective.”