In media

Railway Telegram in media

Oct 2016 – I’m honored to be featured in the Swiss Migros Magazin. So cool, the interview came along with a 2-hour photo shooting

Sep 2016 – Got interviewed by Radio Argovia, a well-known radio station in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland

Aug 2016 – BOOOM!!! My blog is now featured in Switzerland’s No 1 newspaper ’20 Minuten’ every week, going out to 2 million (!) people

Aug 2016 – Radio Central has invited me to their off-site event at Lucerne rail station to share some of my favourite stories

May 2016 – includes Railway Telegram in their list of Switzerlands loveliest and most inspiring Instagram accounts

Nov 2015 – has listed Railway Telegram (formerly ‘railstagram’) as one of the ’13 Swiss Instagrammers You Should Follow’.

Sep 2015 – Switzerland’s leading newspaper ’20 Minuten’ (about 1.5 million readers per day) featured an article about my Railway Telegram project










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